Hulk #7 Review

Can Doc Green’s quest to eradicate all gamma powered beings continue to excite? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• DOC GREEN versus SKAAR versus…hmm. We don’t want to spoil it
• But were you worried Doc Green forgot about the GAMMA CORPS?
• Plus, an appearance by a very unexpected green-skinned member of the of the HULK family.

Hulk #7 variantDoc Green’s quest to eradicate all gamma affected beings has so far been both intriguing, and exciting, with The Omega Hulk being the kind of fresh take the character has needed. Things unfortunately start to go downhill slightly in this issue though, with Doc Green’s battle against Skaar being very disappointed. Which is really upsetting, as bar the inevitable fight with Red Hulk, this was the battle I was most eager to witness. Another thing I question is how wise is it to take out all these gamma heroes?

Though Gerry Duggan‘s script may be a little underwhelming, with the main event being very poor, this doesn’t mean that it’s completely terrible. Having a good start, and a mysterious end Duggan manages to give some enticing aspects, with the Doc Green/Hulkling encounter being particularly entertaining. I also found the dialogue that Duggan produced in the Doc Green/Skaar fight to be very clever, but unfortunately this wasn’t enough to make up for the overall underwhelming execution of the excitement.

Mark Bagley‘s art on the other hand is as strong as ever, with the former Ultimate Spider-Man and Fantastic Four artist as ever doing a brilliant job. The way he shows the innocents of Hulkling, and the maniacal attitude of Doc Green really enhances the tone of the story, with Skaar’s sternness also adding to the atmosphere. Despite this it is the action that wins through, as though short, and generally underwhelming, the visuals from Bagley were extremely eye catching. Drew Hennessy‘s inks and Jason Keith‘s colours also captivate, with the mixture of greens allowing for a tonal finish.

Hulk #7 is easily Gerry Duggan’s worst outing in the three issues he’s produced, with the battle between Doc Green and Skaar being very disappointing. Despite this the issue did have some entertaining moments, with the mysterious developments near the end catching my interest. Despite this I can’t recommend this as an individual issue and can only hope the series returns to how it was prior.

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