Hulk #5 Review

Who is this new Hulk, and what’s happened to Banner? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• New writer Gerry Duggan (DEADPOOL) joins superstar artist Mark Bagley on an all new arc!
• HULK is now…………
• BANNER no more???

HULK2014005-DC21-LR-5b5a8Hulk has been on an eventful road since the end of Indestructible Hulk and the start of this series, transitioning from Banner getting shot in the head, to Hulk (or Doc Green as he calls himself now) becoming super smart. This super intelligent monster is utilising his new found brain power to great use, making some drastic decisions, bringing the question, “what kind of Hulk is this?”

The series gets a new writer as Deadpool/Nova writer Gerry Duggan takes over from Mark Waid. Despite having a new writer the series still continues on from where Waid left off, and due to Waid ending his run in the Original Sin tie-ins, it leaves readers who only get this issue questioning what happened. Despite this Duggan does do a good job of setting up the future events for Doc Green, with this new look, new attitude Hulk being a refreshing change. I also love the direction he’s going gamma wise, and look forward to seeing more from it.

Despite us getting a new writer Mark Bagley remains on art, once again delivering fabulous work. The energetic style that Bagley brings to all his art really helps give extra excitement to the story, with the smooth layouts only enhancing this. What I really enjoyed about Bagley’s art in this issue however was the way in which he portrayed this new Hulk, with the creepy sense of self satisfaction helping to boost his new persona. In addition to this we also get clean, crisp inks from Andy Hennessy, and punchy colours from Jason Keith, rounding off the art nicely.

Hulk takes an intriguing new direction, and though people who missed Original Sin #3.1-3.4 may find it a bit strange, the premise is enticing. Highly recommended.

  • + Not Hulk… Doc Green!
  • + Gerry Duggan does a great job on his first issue.
  • + Mark Bagley as ever gives energetic art.
  • - Fans who missed the Original Sin tie-in will have questions.

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