Fables #143 Review

How will the Fables react to the catastrophe that Bigby has caused? Read on to find out.

The official description from Vertigo:

A fight is coming between Rose Red and Snow White, and everybody knows it – except maybe Rose Red and Snow White. The only trouble is, they’ve been pegged as highly magical creatures all of their lives, but the true measure of that magic is only now being revealed. When they do finally throw down with each other, will it be a personal duel, or all-out war involving thousands?

Fables #143 previewFables continues to build to it’s grand finale (which will be #150), as Happily Ever After sees drastic changes coming to Fabletown. Bar the continuing development to the inevitable battle between Snow White and Rose Red, we also get to see the drastic consequences that Bigby’s current actions have caused, with it possibly being the worst thing to strike Fabletown.

Bill Willingham always delivers a solid script when it comes to Fables, as though some issues are better than others, there’s yet to be a bad one. What really grabbed my attention in this issue was the way Willingham continues to build events, with the consequences of Bigby’s actions being very interesting. He also at this late stage continues to build Rose Red and Snow White as characters, and along with Miss Douglas’ dastardly plans it really livens things up. Despite all this I can’t help but feel that the series is just building to it’s eventual end, and that bar the odd drastic development, most are purely a moving point.

Having set the definitive look that has shaped Fables into the series it is today, there is no other person worthy enough to end this series than Mark Buckingham. Yet again giving detailed, and lively art, Buckingham sets a wonderful tone for this story, with the mixture of dark and light being perfect for the current events. We also get sensational inks from Steve Leialoha and Andrew Pepoy, with Lee Loughridge‘s colours giving a vibrant finish to the art.

Fables continues to draw even nearer to its conclusion, and despite it feeling like it’s biding time it still manages to amaze. Recommended.

  • + Snow and Red name their swords.
  • + Bigby causes some serious problems for Fabletown.
  • + Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham remain an amazing team.
  • - Feels as if it's biding it's time.

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