Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy #3 Review

How will Victor Creed handle the death of Logan? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• Featuring SABRETOOTH!
• With Logan now gone forever, who will stop Sabretooth from finally annihilating everyone and everything in his path?
• Fighting Wolverine was his greatest thrill on the planet…the ultimate sport…but now that Logan is dead, Sabretooth’s rage takes on an entirely new shape and mission–unencumbered and unrestrained.

Death of Wolverine The Logan Legacy #3 variantDeath of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy may have gotten off to a rather poor start, but it certainly turned that around with it’s second issue. Things just keep getting better, with Sabretooth’s entry into this aftermath series being enticingly gripping. Giving a very symbolic look into how Sabretooth is dealing with the death of his greatest foe, the issue shows just how much the villainous character relied on his bitter feud.

Scripting this issue is former Nightwing writer and current C.O.W.L. co-writer Kyle Higgins. Giving a deep, motivated script, the writer shows just what life without Logan means to Creed, and how there’s no one worthy enough for him to kill. It is however the way that Higgins shows Creed’s solution that really grabs my attention, as though we got a glimpse in the first issue, we are given so much more depth here. The setting of this issue also feels appropriate, with the desert like terrain of Somalia being perfect for Creed’s rage.

Jonathan Marks handles the art on this issue, giving a much more impressive performance than he did in Wolverine Annual #1. Delivering some bold, in depth panels, Marks really allows Creed’s rage to run loose, with every page being full of energy. He also delivers a brilliant collage page in the centre, showcasing the history of Creed and Logan perfectly. The main thing that appeals to me about Marks art on this issue over his work on Wolverine Annual #1 is the colours, with Lee Loughridge soft palette being the perfect accompaniment to Marks visuals.

Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy #3 is easily the best in the series to date, with the look into how Sabretooth is handling the death of his longest foe. Having great depth, and wonderful symbolism this is a tale that I can read time and time again. Highly recommended.

  • + Creed lets his rage run rampant.
  • + Kyle Higgins reveals what the Logan wannabe really was.
  • + Jonathan Marks delivers phenomenal art.
  • + Symbolic look into the psyche of Creed.

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