Batman: Eternal #22

How does the Architect fit into Hush’s attack on Alfred? Read on to find out.

The official description from DC Comics:

Beacon Tower was designed to save Gotham City, but the Architect has plans to make it the most dangerous weapon the city has ever seen!

Batman Eternal #22 previewBatman: Eternal has consistently been producing interesting developments, as though some haven’t been as enticing as others, the majority have been captivating. The biggest development (at least in my opinion) came during the last issue, as Hush was introduced to the New 52. This intense character has been a personal favourite of mine since Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee introduced him in Batman #609, and his introduction to Batman: Eternal can only be a good thing for both the series and Batman in the New 52 going forward.

Kyle Higgins tackles his first script as a Batman: Eternal writer, after joining the team during last weeks issue. Joining him we get regular story writers Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV, as well as consulting writers Ray Fawkes and Tim Seeley. Higgins introduces yet another established Batman villain to the New 52, as the Architect, a character Higgins and Snyder created for Batman: Gates of Gotham enters the fray. The addition of this character, along with the mysterious background regarding Hush, and Julia’s revelation really helps spice the issue up. Despite this it lacked in the sheer intensity that the series has had as of late.

Jorge Lucas handles the art duties on this issue, with the former Talon artist doing an overall solid job on the art. Though his art isn’t quite as impressive as the prior talent that have worked on the series, with the roughness being off putting at times, the dark, gritty tone is impressive. Lucas also gives detailed backgrounds, and gripping layouts which allowing main villain Architect to be very imposing. Combine this with Brett Smith‘s intense colours and you get visuals that work brilliantly with this series.

Batman: Eternal continues to be an exciting series, as though this issue wasn’t quite as intense as the last couple, it was still very enticing. Highly recommended.

  • + Another great villain introduced in the form of Architect.
  • + Kyle Higgins does a brilliant job of writing his first script.
  • + Dark and gritty art from Jorge Lucas.
  • - Not quite as intense as prior issues.

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