Amazing X-Men #11 Review

Will the X-Men and the Avengers get any closer to containing this Wendigo outbreak? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• As the Wendigo threat spreads across Canada, the X-Men take the battle to a new front—the Spirit Realm!
• Guest starring Alpha Flight!

Amazing X-Men #11 previewWorld War Wendigo reaches its penultimate issue, and just when I think the story can’t surprise me, guess what… it does. Having been thoroughly enjoyable so far, the arc finally seems to have hit a wall, as though this issue as a whole proves enjoyable, it doesn’t feel quite as exciting. Also the Wendigo virus itself is starting to feel a bit stale, and if it wasn’t for the final page revelation then I’m sure they’d have been a forgettable factor in this issue.

Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle continue to do a solid job on the script for World War Wendigo, as though the excitement has drained slightly, the drama certainly hasn’t. The dialogue throughout this issue proved very enticing, with the character interaction between the different groups allowing for diversity. I especially enjoyed the interaction between Northstar and Aurora, with the clash of personalities between this brother and sister reminding me why they were such a key part of Alpha Flight’s success.

Carlo Barberi also continues to do a stellar job on the artwork, as though I’m still not a fan on his rendition of Captain America, I am loving how he handles the X-Men. Which is the important thing. I especially enjoy how he manages to show the emotion in a way that keeps the fun tone of this tale, with Northstar and Iceman being the standout characters in this issue. Barberi is also joined by some great inkers in Walden Wong, Marc Deering and Juan Vlasco, and along with Rachelle Rosenberg‘s vibrant colours it makes for a wonderful finish to this stunning art.

Amazing X-Men continues to be a fun and entertaining series, with World War Wendigo setting up it’s final chapter perfectly. Recommended.

  • + Northstar and Iceman shine in this issue.
  • + Yost and Kyle remind us why they were such a great writing team.
  • + Carlo Barberi once again delivers fun, exciting art.
  • - The Wendigo's felt a bit redundant until the end.

S#!T Talking Central

  • Lamar Johnson

    why was aurora acting like bitch for and what reason

    • John McCubbin

      Doesn’t she usually act like this. She’s been doing it the whole story anyway. I think it depends who writes her, as when she debut with Northstar they were both very arrogant.