Legendary Star-Lord #3 Review

Is this an intergalactic journey that needs to be shared with fans? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• The Badoon have captured the Star-Lord!

• Sharing a jail cell with a Spartax criminal and a Badoon child aren’t exactly Peter’s idea of a good time…

• Luckily, Peter’s got an ace up his sleeve—an ace named Kitty Pryde!

Legendary Star-Lord 3_Variant CoverI know we’re all suffering from Guardians of the Galaxy fever, as the space bound crew is on everyone’s mind due to a recent theatrical release that absolutely rocked! So needless to say the House of Ideas has taken that momentum and launched a few additional books following that crew, this one centers on the leader and three issues in his escapades still drip with personality.

Sam Humphries is the author responsible for the Legendary Star-Lord‘s solo adventure, and the author keeps it light from beginning to end. Peter Quill is captured, but not for long as our icon, like his friends, takes about two seconds to remind the audience that he’s escaped situations like this before. And in classic GOTG style the scribe gives him a few buddies to follow his lead and wouldn’t you know it? The fireworks ensue.

The illustrations by Paco Medina are perfectly suited for this title. It’s a clean and crisp look that never uses too many pencil strokes to convey the text and its intent. And it’s through that barrage of goodness that the colors handed in by David Curiel cement a vision that fits the adventure aspect of this space bound odyssey. In short: I’m impressed and I have literally no complaints.

Legendary Star-Lord #3 is an entry that wants to be fun. It’s rare these days for a comic to tap into the child side of me but that’s what happens when I peel back these pages, but I want something more. The creative team has my attention but to keep it Peter Quill must go beyond his current slacker explorer shenanigans and embrace the whole version of the man he’s been. And so this one comes recommended.

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