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Lady Demon #2 Review

Lady Demon 2_C
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Is this a case of good or bad Chaos? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

Too many questions and not enough answers. That’s the situation Violet Sparks finds herself in. Everyone she ever cared for is dead and to make matters worse she’s inhabited by a vicious demon that desperately wants to take control. That may not be such an unwelcome proposition when the bullets start flying and the death toll mounts.

Lady Demon 2_Variant CoverI have to hand it to this creative team because after two issues they have my attention. What we get out of this outing is more intrigue, action and just enough character development to keep things popping for our beleaguered protagonist. And the best part? The whole of the comic turns out to be quality entertainment.

Aaron Gillespie pens the script and there’s no doubt that Violet Sparks has been through a lot. And as she begins to face the events that happened to her, while learning to deal with a new status quo, even more curve balls come into focus. There’s plenty of interesting wrinkles to her new existence, but thankfully we have an author that understands that less is more in regard to the text. Add in the engaging dialogue and there’s literally nothing to complain about in regard to the written word, as our Lady Demon¬†enters her stride in this sturdy continuation.

The comic book is also lavished by some brilliant pencil strokes. Thanks to Damsels in Excess I’ve become a big fan of Mirka Andolfo‘s work, and I have to say some of the panels in this issue trump what I’ve seen. When the action ensues the talent conveys a kinetic energy that’s hard to capture. Personality is key and through a few very solid sequences, that were complemented by consistent renditions, the whole of the romp ebbs and flows with a clear purpose and a vibrant display.

Lady Demon #2 is a strong entry for the¬†Chaos! universe. The creative team delivers something that’s fun, engaging and more importantly worthy of a spot on your coveted pull-list. Recommended.

  • + Chaos! continues..
  • + Outstanding visuals.
  • + Smartly written script.
  • - It finished rather quickly...

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