Justice, Inc. #3 Review

Is this a title that deserves a spot on your pull-list? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

Miraculously, the zombie-like and frozen Richard Henry Benson is alive! But, shockingly, so many others are slaughtered! What all-powerful villain or villains lurk behind the plot to kill so many wealthy men of industry? Is it Shiwan Khan? The Voodoo Master? Both? Meanwhile, Doc Savage and The Shadow help Benson in an effort to reclaim his stolen humanity and use his bold yet cursed new powers to seek justice… as he alone defines it. Can three mysterious beings of starkly contrasting ideologies and methodologies cast aside their inherent differences and band together to conquer an overwhelming threat? The answer comes in the midst of a surprise attack on Doc Savage’s fortress, finally revealing the true evil force out to destroy this newly formed triumvirate: Justice, Inc.!

Justice, Inc. 3_Variant CoverIn the wide world of comics there are plenty of worthwhile tales that attract a very specific audience. This ongoing event series is among them, as the creative team unblushingly embraces the kookiness of these players without losing that modern touch that reinvigorates aged source material. In other words: this is a quality romp set in the past with a hint of the present.

Michael Uslan effortlessly crafts a text that sees The Shadow and Doc Savage usher in The Avenger under their newly formed Justice Incorporated. Through the efforts of the author we’re given a corny but addicting script that builds on itself while embracing the core of these endearing icons. On some level it’s fun to see characters like these crossover, but on the other hand there were moments that felt too goofy due to them interacting with each other in the first place.

The illustrations by Giovanni Timpano give a to the point and strictly consistent visual cadence that absolutely speaks to the pulp genre. From the heroes to the villains there’s a lot of worthwhile material that’s bound to keep fanboys and fangirls invested in these pretty pictures. Especially when the details are further extended and highlighted by a varied palette of colors by Marco Lesko.

Justice, Inc. #3 is an imperfect but fun excuse to explore some re-envisioned history. If you find yourself to be the type of collector with a taste for days of yesteryear then there’s no doubt in my mind that this one’s for you. Recommended.

  • + Pulp done right.
  • + Has thrilling visuals.
  • + Offers striking content.
  • - Dialogue can be too corny...

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