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John Carter: Warlord of Mars #4 Review

John Carter-Warlord of Mars 4_C
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Will Barsoom survive this invasion? Should you care? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

With John Carter lost and presumed dead in the Martian desert, his enemy’s triumph is all but assured. But who is Captain Joshua Clark of Earth, and why does his hatred for John Carter know no bounds? As Dejah Thoris prays for her warlord’s safe return, the shocking origin of John Carter’s arch-enemy is finally revealed! Superstar writer Ron Marz and rising-star artist Abhishek Malsuni continue their acclaimed, official run!

John Carter-Warlord of Mars 4_Variant CoverWhat I like most about this franchise is the fact that the creative team understands the source material. And their comfort level with it yields a story that compels attention while it crescendos into a brilliant climax that’ll no doubt leave eager fanboys and fangirls begging for more. In other words: this one’s worth your time.

Ron Marz pens a script that understands its place within a greater arc, while cementing some plot details that needed some attention. It’s a steady path the author walks, where he finally unveils the original confrontation between John Carter and Captain Joshua Clark and yes it was pretty epic. What I liked most about the script was the fact that it uplifted and extended the life of thisĀ Edgar Rice Burroughs property without replacing the lore that had come before. Simple and smart dialogue accompanied by a consistent pace turned this release into an engaging adventure from start to finish.

The landscape of this interpretation is lush with detail and complimentary forms. Abhishek Malsuni continues to prove the quality of the work on display, by allowing a barrage of controlled pencil strokes that render action and conversation when the written word calls for it. I’m left with literally no complaints save for the fact that a few of the panels had some color by Nanjan Jamberi that seemed rushed.

John Carter: Warlord of Mars #4 is a quality comic book that makes me glad to be a fan. It’s to the point with just a hint of epicness and enough personality to warrant a recommendation from me.

  • + It's a fun comic!
  • + Smart dialogue.
  • + Quality visuals.
  • - Over too soon...

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