Velvet #7 Review

Will Colt or Roberts manage to find Velvet? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

THE SECOND ARC CONTINUES! While Velvet’s been on the run, ARC-7’s top men have been hunting her…now they have her trail, and soon she’ll be in Colt’s sights.

Velvet #7 previewVelvet has been the kind of spy thriller that the comic book industry has needed for a long time, as though stuff like Secret Avengers and Black Widow from Marvel proves enticing enough, the uniqueness of Velvet is what puts it above both. Velvet went to yet another level of awesomeness last issue, with Velvet’s bold decision to kidnap Director Manning having me eagerly anticipating this issue. Unfortunately this issue doesn’t follow-up on that, instead giving us development on Colt and Roberts end.

Though the lack of follow-up from last issue gripping climax did irk me to a certain degree, this in no way meant that we got a terrible issue, with Ed Brubaker producing yet another enticing script. Nevertheless it did take a little of the excitement out of the issue, and if it wasn’t for the wonderful narration throughout, and intriguing destinations that our agents went to, I’d probably have been more disappointed. I did however like seeing an insight into both Colt and Roberts investigation, with the final development near the end bringing back the anticipation from the last issue.

Steve Epting has been doing an excellent job on the artwork throughout this series, with the former Captain America/New Avengers artist yet to fail to impress. Between his detailed pencils, and bold inks, Epting manages to give a very eye catching set of visuals, with the scenery and character positioning adding a dramatic flair. It is however Elizabeth Breitweiser‘s colours that steal the show for me, with the different tones for different location giving a wonderful sense of atmosphere.

Velvet continues to be a thrilling spy tale, as though the lack of follow-up disappointed me, Brubaker’s brilliant storytelling more than made up. Highly recommended.

  • + A nice look into Colt and Roberts point of view.
  • + Ed Brubaker continues to create a thrilling spy tale.
  • + Dramatic visuals from Steve Epting.
  • - Lack of follow-up was a little disappointing.

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