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Transformers: Days of Decepticon #35 Review

Transformers_Days of Decepticon_35

So, Robots In Disguise has a new name as of Transformers: Days of Decepticon #35. Before we get into this ‘new’ title, can I just go on record and say I don’t like the new name. Robots In Disguise worked.. Days of Decepticon looks like the current arc, not the title’s ongoing future….

The official description from IDW:

Days of Deception begins! PROWL and the CONSTRUCTICONS hunt the world’s deadliest game—three humans with a history of fighting CYBERTRONIANS! Lines are drawn as human and machine alike are drawn into—the ONYX INTERFACE!

Transformers_Days of Decepticon_35It may be a new title, but we’ve got a blend of the old and new here. First of all, we have the same storyline, with Autobots and Decepticons on earth doing various forrays here and there. However, this issue changes the line-up a little, with humans entering and one or two robots leaving. Why? Who knows – but there isn’t enough of a tonal shift here to justify the change yet.

In terms of writing, think of this as Robots In Disguise. John Barber continues to be a good writer, but this current arc does little to excite me. There’s potential sure, but it’s a dialogue heavy affair that lacks the sense of scale or humour found in More Than Meets The Eye. This issue, especially, teases much but delivers little. Everything seems like a build up for a moment that never comes, at least not in this issue.

On the artistic front, very little has changed. Andrew Griffith still provides pencils with a sense of detail that helps define the angular and curved nature of the cybertronnian form. Still, many of the humans appear bland; whether this is because of a lack of focus, or because the current style doesn’t favour them is unknown. However, alongside Josh Perez’s colors, it’s an amicable effort and the title is very easy to read.

All in all, there’s little change here and a bit more padding. As a transitional issue, everything feels slightly unfinished. That said, if what it hints at is true, then things could get a little more interesting.

  • + Hints at a lot
  • - Delivers little
  • - New title?
  • - Change in line-up doesn't make sense yet

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