Sunstone vol. 1 Review


Can BDSM be handled in a manner that’s more than gratuitous sex? Read on to find out.

The official description from Top Cow:

Two women deal with modern themes of sex, relationships, and fetishism in this erotic romantic comedy. So beware all who enter, because, to quote a few hundred thousand readers on DeviantArt: “I’m not into BDSM…but this story…I get it.”

Sunstone previewI’m not usually one to read stories that are sexually explicit for the sake of it, let alone any that centre around BDSM, but having been a fan of Stjepan Šejić‘s work, I couldn’t help but stumble across Sunstone. Having started as a project on Šejić’s deviantART page, Sunstone has grown into a much loved story, so much so that Top Cow has decided to put it into print. Expanding upon the first chapter of Šejić’s webcomic, this volumes tells the story of Lisa and Ally, and how they’ve found it hard to find a partner that’s okay with their sexual desires. The two luckily find each other via online chat rooms, sparking a whole new kind of relationship for one another.

Balancing the erotic side of this tale, with a very dramatic, and at times comical narrative, Stjepan Šejić makes it impossible not to be enthralled by Sunstone. As whether you’re into erotic fantasies, or just love a good story, there’s bound to be something that you’ll enjoy. The character development is also extraordinary, with the scepticism and emotion of Lisa, and the hyperactivity of Ally allowing for a diversity within. The dialogue also proves to be clever, as whether it’s cheeky humour, or serious narrative, it always manages to amaze. There is also a ton of bonus material within this collected edition, with Šejić explaining how this series came into existence as a way to let of some creative steam, becoming a entity in and of itself.

Having seen the chapters that Šejić has available on his deviantART page, as well as his prior work for Top Cow, I knew his art would be amazing throughout this volume. It has however still managed to exceed all my expectations, with the artist taking the rough work he displayed on his deviantART page, and enhancing it to the quality we are used to seeing in his printed material. He also toys with some of the layout configurations, resulting in a much sleeker look to the story. The erotic side of the art is also improved, as though it’s still as cheeky as ever, it also has more elegance about it. The colours also manage to resonate, with the palette being similar to Šejić’s prior work, whilst also having its own, unique tone. There’s also some additional bonus art near the back, making this volume well worth the purchase.

Sunstone is the kind of story that will have you coming back for more, as whether you’re into sexually explicit tales and BDSM or not, the gripping narrative, and cheeky humour will have you curious as to what comes next. Due to this I highly recommend everyone giving this a chance, as with the enhanced art, and bonus material, you’ll be sorry if you don’t.

  • + The first chapter of Sunstone enhanced to perfection!
  • + Stjepan Šejić's creations are more enthralling than ever.
  • + Beautiful artwork, with brilliant colours.
  • + Enthralling narrative, that will have you gripped.

S#!T Talking Central

  • Kondorr

    There was never any doubt I’d pre-order this…

    • John McCubbin

      I’d be surprised if you didn’t.

  • Carlos Alexandre

    Been reading this for a while now on DA. Very solid comic.

    • John McCubbin

      Same here; though the artwork, and storytelling is even better in this collected volume. Can’t wait till the rest are transformed into print, as well as the new chapter via deviantART.