Star Trek #38 Review


Will Kirk come any closer to returning to the Enterprise? Read on to find out.

The official description from IDW:

The STAR TREK event of 2014 continues in Part 4 of “The Q Gambit!” Captain Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise find themselves in a true no-win scenario thanks to the mischievous Q! Trapped in a dark future, at the mercy of the mighty Dominion, this adventure might prove to be their last! Don’t miss this all-new story produced in association with STAR TREK writer/producer Roberto Orci!

ST-movieII38-coverSUBThough the last issue was a little underwhelming in comparison to the first two parts, The Q Gambit has proven to be a much needed twist of fate for the series, allowing it to reach it’s true potential. Entering into it’s fourth chapter, the story continues to be strong, with the split ventures of Kirk and Spock’s respective teams allowing for a wider look into this possible future. The Dominion’s rule also continues to entice, with certain developments being rather suspenseful.

Mike Johnson has shown great potential over the 30+ issue of Star Trek he’s worked on, but it’s only now that he’s finally delivering on it. Moving the narrative forward in a very suspenseful manner, Johnson manages to give an enticing series of events. He also does a wonderful job of introducing yet more well known names to the tale, with their presence giving a nostalgic vibe to events. Despite this it’s the shocking twists in the tale that really excited me, with one character in particular causing some serious trouble.

Tony Shasteen has been doing an amazing job of the artwork on this tale, with the detail of his work only making the quality of the event all the more noticeable. It is however the way he captures the character likeness of every character that continues to astonish, with certain new additions being recognisable before they’re formally introduced. Shasteen also gives a dramatic tone throughout his layouts, with the character positioning allowing for an in depth tone. His colours also prove to be extremely bold, with the shading giving great texture throughout.

Star Trek #38 is yet another exciting entry into The Q Gambit, with the addition of new characters, and the slightly surprising developments allowing for a suspenseful tone. It’s narrative is also rich with intensity, with the character interaction being very dramatic. Highly recommended.

  • + Yet more familiar faces being introduced.
  • + Tony Shasteen's art is uncanny.
  • + Mike Johnson continues to produce his best work yet.
  • - A little predictable at times.

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