Solar: Man of the Atom #10 Review

What will happen when Seleski’s have a Family Reunion? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

Ah, great. Just when Erica’s getting the hang of the Solar powers, she’s gotta deal with magic. Doctor Spektor is in town, to cause chaos and confusion, pretty much just because he can. Find out what happens when indefinite cosmic power meets untamable mystic might!

Solar10CovBSubLauThings have become rather bleak for Dynamite‘s Golden Key Universe, as having recently seen the end of two series, with this one coming to an end soon, the future is up in the air. Thankfully this issue teases at a possible future for the Universe, as though there’s nothing clean cut, Doctor Spektor’s involvements puts a new perspective on where this Universe may be going next.

The main thing that keeps me returning to this series has been the fabulous writing of Frank Barbiere, with the way he’s centred this tale around family, making it all the more alluring. This notion has never been more powerful than it is right now, with the insertion of Phil’s son, and Erica’s brother, Colin resulting in a dramatic family reunion. This in addition with the dynamic flair that Spektor brings, makes this a story that fans will be hooked to, as though structurally there’s not a huge lot of progression, the drama certainly captivates.

Since he joined this series, Jonathan Lau has done nothing but astound, with his detailed pencils and sharp inks allowing for an immersive flow. That remains the case in this latest issue, as though he takes a back seat to accompanying artist, Roberto Castro, the sequences he does work on are truly phenomenal. That being said, the artwork that Castro produces also impressed, with the dynamic flair allowing these intense interactions to stand out all the more. The colours of Omi Remalante Jr. also continues to add a vibrant finish to proceedings, with the sleek texture allowing Castro and Lau’s wonderful art to stand out.

Solar: Man of the Atom continues to amaze as it enters it’s final few issues, with the Family Reunion, and “surprise” appearance of Spektor allowing for a dramatic tempo that’ll leave readers glued to the page. The passionate dialogue and intense developments also excite, with the final page leaving a twist that’ll excite long time Solar fans.

  • + Doctor Spektor returns!
  • + The final page is sure to excite.
  • + Dramatically charged series of events.
  • - Overall plot doesn’t move far.

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