Nightworld #4 Review


Well, here it is. Nightworld #4 marks the fourth and final installment in the current arc. How does the whole thing rap up and is there hope for this series returning in the future?

First, the official description from Image:

The forsaken spirit Plenilunio’s secret! The final confrontation at Hellena’s fortress! The smart@$$ schemes of Underboss! The high-speed chase to hell comes to its explosive, emotional finale as mortals and demons stand against their most frightening foes—but what will happen when they come face-to-face with themselves?

Nightworld_4This issue highlights all of Nightworld’s strengths – gothic undertones, slapstick and writing bordering on camp at times – but falls a little short near the end. It’s an enjoyable read from start to finish but the conclusion feels a little underwhelming. I like it, but there’s ultimately no massive confrontation to make the issue feel conclusive. Still, it leaves potential for the future, which is a definite plus.

In terms of the writing, Adam McGovern does a good job getting enough little details into the pages. The writing flows quickly, making for a very short read, but it does feel enjoyable in it’s own little way. Don’t expect extensive action sequences – it’s just not McGovern’s style.

Visually, Paolo Leandri’s pencils – alongside Dominic Regan’s art – provides the same look and feel we’re use to. It brings its own charms and plays up the gothic/horror aspects, while adding enough color to be a pleasant and appealing read. The lighter approach also matches the tone. That said, I enjoy this most as a breath of fresh air and, c0nsequently, I’m not sure if I could enjoy this artstyle as a regular thing every week.

In closing, I do enjoy this issue quite a lot but I feel future stories need to keep it short and offer a more substantial conclusion. This issue merely gives the main cast their own goals and, while this is good for driving future arcs, what does it offer readers in the mean time?

  • + Decent enough conclusion
  • + Quirky and funny
  • - No 'big finale'
  • - Doesn't go into too much depth or detail

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