Nameless #2

Nameless #2 Review

Nameless #2

Can this series continue to build upon it’s strong start? Or is it a concept that is too wacky to work in the long run? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

On a former U.S. moonbase, kept secret since the Cold War, a terrible key unlocks an ancient box and a last-ditch plan is drafted to save humanity from the doomsday asteroid Xibalba— but is it already too late? The nightmare intensifies in MORRISON & BURNHAM’s apocalyptic occult horror epic!

Nameless #2The world of the occult has never been more alluring, as given the way that Nameless merges this mystical concept with that of the sci-fi genre is truly fascinating, resulting in some intriguing plot developments. This continues into the second issue, as though the crews mission to destroy the malevolent asteroid, Xibalba, is still in the forefront of this tale, the introduction of objects like Ixaxaar, “Opener of the Way,” and the babbling of a psychotic woman add yet more exciting factors.

Grant Morrison has certainly fashioned a fascinating tale here, as though there is a lot still to explore within this series, the mysterious narrative and chilling tempo make it thoroughly entertaining. The developments within this issue only goes to entice more, with the alluring plot twists and wonderful character depth allowing for a gripping atmosphere from start to finish. Despite this, it wouldn’t be a Morrison script without a touch of confusion, and though events are much clearer here than in the first issue, there are still some elements that’ll throw certain readers.

If the opening issue didn’t do enough to instil a feeling of overjoy surrounding the fact that Chris Burnham is working on this series, then this second issue certainly has. Having a gritty, yet detailed look, Burnham manages to capture the different elements that Morrison plays with perfectly. His art also gives great depth to the characters, as between Nameless’ erratic emotions, and the scepticism of the crew, there is plenty of drama on display. The colours of Nathan Fairbairn also helps to bring this dark, gritty tale to life, with the lively colours of the space suits also adding a lighter tone.

Nameless #2 continues to expand on this intriguing concept, as though there’s still some confusing elements within this tale, the alluring plot twist certainly entice. The character depth and mysterious developments also intrigue, and along with the gripping climax there’s no reason why readers shouldn’t give this series a try.

  • + Nameless continues to be a fascinating character.
  • + Chris Burnham produces some of his best artwork.
  • + Wonderful plot twists.
  • - Still a little confusing at times.

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