Nailbiter #5 Review

What will the horrific outcome of Finch and Crane’s investigation be? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

ONE OF THE HORRIBLE SECRETS OF BUCKAROO HAS BEEN REVEALED! Finch and Crane are hot on the heels of a serial killer loose in Buckaroo, but Finch has finally found what he was looking for and it’s worse than he feared.

Nailbiter #5 previewNailbiter has been an extraordinary series so far, and though I always expected it would be, I didn’t quite expect it to have been to the level it has. Having captivated me from day one the series’ has became one of my favourite series, with the first arc coming to a gripping end, revealing who left Carroll in the predicament he was found in during last issues climax, and so much more.

Joshua Williamson never fails to amaze me, as whether it’s his intensely suspenseful horror from this series, or the mysterious thriller that is Ghosted, he always seems to impress. He has however really created something special in this series, with the characters, and atmosphere being absolutely amazing. Yet again he builds tantalising drama, with Finch and Crane’s search revealing a new Buckaroo killer. This along with another couple of surprises makes Nailbiter #5 an intense read, having me hooked for what comes next.

Mike Henderson has created a creepy, yet beautiful landscape in Nailbiter, with his suspenseful layouts, and cinematic character positioning adding to the classical horror vibe. Delivering gory panels, and intense character expressions, he also goes on to add a buck load of drama, with the final result being truly captivating. As ever Henderson is also joined by Adam Guzowski, with his soft, punch palette giving more depth and definition to these phenomenal visuals.

Nailbiter #5 is the kind of ending this first arc needed, giving some revelations, whilst setting up the series future perfectly. Highly recommended.

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