Nailbiter #10

Nailbiter #10 Review

Nailbiter #10

Will Finch and Crane manage to save the school bus full of kids? Or has this bus driver sent them over the edge? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

All of the town’s children have gone missing…and only the notorious serial killer the Nailbiter can help Sheriff Crane and Finch find them…but at what price?

Nailbiter10_Page7Moving on from the gripping climax of the last issue, Nailbiter #10 opens with a sequence that is bound to feel familiar to fans of Joshua Williamson‘s work. Putting that to one side, the issue manages to explore the psyche of bus driver, Mr. Crowe, in a brilliantly fashion, as though his actions are nothing short of horrific, it is hard to question some of the logic that has went into his reasoning.

Delivering a high octane script, that will leave you clinging to the edges of each page, Joshua Williamson quickly reminds us just how messed up Buckaroo is. Having a suspenseful tone from start to finish, the writer really allows for an in-depth experience, with the emotional strain being clearly on display. He also manages to hint at why Buckaroo has been creating so many serial killers, with a specific page leaving nothing but speculation and intrigue.

Though a gripping plot is always essential to a great comic book series, the quality of the artwork also factors greatly. Fortunately Nailbiter has managed to deliver amazing work on both fronts, with Mike Henderson‘s art being nothing short of phenomenal. Being chillingly suspenseful throughout, with a dramatic flow that matches the script, Henderson certainly allows this chapter to stand out. He also manages to show the emotional depth of events brilliantly, and along with Adam Guzowski‘s colours, it adds great atmosphere.

Nailbiter may have had a questionable stint after it’s first arc, but the last few issues has quickly seen the series return to form. Delivering a gripping series of events, along with some tantalising clues, this issue is bound to astonish current reader, alluring new ones at the same time.

  • + Mr. Crowe is a seriously deranged person.
  • + Fantastic artwork throughout.
  • + Tantalising clues.
  • - One twist was a little too obvious.

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