Madame Frankenstein #7 Review


The creature and creator have a showdown that will do nothing but end in someone winning and someone losing. Who will come out on top and who will be left in the ashes? Read on to find out more.

The creature confronts her creator as both try to maintain the control they so desperately crave. But, as with many things, the more someone wants something, the easier it is to lose. It’s the gruesome grand finale that promises to be more strange and horrific than anything you’ve seen so far!

MadameFrankenstein_07-1This Frankenstein retelling has been crazy but very insightful. It has posed many questions on femininity and the reality of not getting tempting fate. This issue brings all those things to fruition and shows how this doesn’t end well. The issue opens with Vincent talking to Linda, who has been seriously hurt by the creature. After he leaves Linda, he heads home to find that the creator is there waiting for him. This is where the comic gets interesting because there is a lot of talk between the creature and Vincent, where she has gained her memories back and the idea of what the perfect woman is, is brought to light and how meddling in fate doesn’t always end the way that you want it too. The ending is pretty brutal and really sad but that just makes you want more.

Jamie S. Rich is a really great writer. The spin that has been put on the old story is very refreshing and relevant to today’s society. It makes the reader ask questions and face those consequences with the characters. It’s what comic books should be doing!

Megan Levens has  a unique voice that is brought out through her art. She understands where things are suppose to go and how they are to play out. The emotions she conveys with the pictures are so inviting that you feel that your right there. It is really cool.

Madame Frankenstein #7 brings to fruition everything we have been waiting to happen.

  • +It has led to this and you wont be disappointed
  • +The issue pulls at your emotions
  • +A real reflection in society
  • +The art continues to work

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