Lazarus #15

Lazarus #15 Review

Lazarus #15

What will happen when two Lazari collide? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

“CONCLAVE,” Part Five The Conclave concludes, and Malcolm’s plan seems on the verge of success, but one thing still stands in his way: Jakob Hock has demanded a Trial by Combat, and now Forever must fight the Lazarus of Hock’s choosing to the death…

Lazarus #15Lazarus has been building up to something huge as of late, with Forever’s “disposal” of her brother Jonah, and the outing of Jakob Hock’s intentions bringing Conclave to it’s gripping climax. Featuring a trial by combat, this culminative chapter proves utterly exciting, as though it may not be quite as thrilling as the events of the last issue, it’s definitely the most explosive entry in the series to date, being intense from start to finish.

Having shaped Lazarus into one of the best comics on the stands today, writer Greg Rucka has yet to disappoint, with the latest arc quite possibly being the best yet. Between the tense developments that have lead us to this point, and the exciting action, Rucka has delivered some captivating moments, with this translating into the finale of Conclave. The emotional turmoil in this issue also amazes, as though the action is front and centre, the conflict between Forever and Sonja adds extra tension to their fight.

Though the gripping premise of Rucka’s script is impressive, it’s the way that the writer allows artist, Michael Lark, to shine that appeals most, with the action sequence not disappointing. Having a quick pace from the opening blows, Lark’s art proves to be truly mesmerizing, with the detail in both the character’s and the background adding great depth. The emotional turmoil within Forever and Sonja is also shown brilliantly within Lark’s art, as though the two Lazari don’t hold much back, it’s clear that the two friends would rather avoid fighting at all.Rounding things off, we also get brilliant ink assists from Tyler Boss, with punchy colours from Santi Arcas.

Lazarus #15 is the finale that Conclave deserved, as though the events aren’t quite as gripping as the last issue, the exciting fight between the two Lazari makes it the most explosive issue to date. The emotional turmoil also adds great depth, and along with the shocking climax, it will leave readers returning for more.

  • + Michael Lark at his best!
  • + One of the most exciting issues to date.
  • + Wonderful characte depth.
  • - Not quite as thrilling as the last issue.

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