Lazarus #14

Lazarus #14 Review

Lazarus #14

What will Forever do when confronted with the option to kill her brother? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

“CONCLAVE,” Part Four Forever has been sent by her father to kill her traitorous brother, Jonah. What happens next is the start of a revolution.

Lazarus14_Page2Lazarus may not always be hitting it on all cylinders, but that hasn’t stopped it from being one of the best series out at the moment. That has most certainly proven to be the case with it’s latest arc, Conclave, as though it’s slow build-up has left some flat moments, there have been many interesting factors that have outweighed this. This however is completely irrelevant with this issue, with the change in narrative allowing for some seriously exciting developments.

Having captivated me since the first issue, Greg Rucka continues to amaze with this dystopian world. The way that he’s built the characters, along with developing the rich history of their world has never failed to impress, with the merger of the latter into the narrative being even more impressive. Once again astounding, the writer goes on to create some of his best work yet, with the emotional turmoil within Forever being truly gripping. The excitement, and tension within the main narrative also captivates, with the culminating moments of the issue having me hooked for the next.

The artwork of Lazarus never fails to impress, with the detailed pencils of Michael Lark remaining one of the highlights of this series. Between the fluid motion within his layouts, and the emotional expressions of the characters, the artist easily draws readers in, highlighting the focal points of Rucka’s script. Assisted by Tyler Boss, he also delivers some amazing inkwork, with the thin outlining, and bold shading giving great texture. Rounding things off, we also get outstanding colours from Santi Arcas, with his palette choice allowing for a deep finish.

This latest chapter of Conclave is certainly heating up, with the exciting developments proving why Lazarus is a must have addition to anyone’s pull list. Highly recommended.

  • + Michael Lark always delivers beautiful visuals.
  • + Forever shows that she's an emotionally driven character.
  • + Greg Rucka produces one of his best issues yet!
  • + Wonderful climax to an outstanding comic.

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