Kill Screen #2 Review

If you’re in the mood for a post-apocalyptic comic that offers equal doses of digitized zombies, cult members, and old-fashioned rag-tag humans then the Kill Screen might be just for you. But don’t expect a fully cogent story. At least not yet.

Here’s the official word from the creators:

The bulk of the story is set two-years after a worldwide event called “Kill Screen” where the world breaks, with computer (and computer game) errors infecting the real world, the survivors are left to fend for themselves. “Kill Screen” itself is a reference to the point in Donkey Kong where the game stops being playable – in our world, we’ve reached that point where evolution has reached well beyond where it should have finished and now errors threaten everything that is left.

Kill-Screen-2-FeatureFor those who read it, the first issue of “Kill Screen” read more like a mini-story than the launch of a new series — two survivors essentially found themselves navigating a broken program that had pushed into the real world, infecting humans and creating mindless monsters that killed victims according to a very strange set of rules. Mike Garley, the writer behind this series, did a solid job of grabbing the reader’s attention, offering both a compelling premise and twisted love story. Now, with issue #2, we get a bit of backstory of how the old world ended and this new world began…. as well as the start of a seemingly unrelated tale about another set of survivors. Instead of feeling zombies, these new survivors are feeling a cult of humans who roam the countryside trying to convert and recruit new members. Yes, there’s tons of violence and oodles of gaming references. And, finally, what feels like the “real” launch to this series. The only drawback is minor, and one that will undoubtedly fix itself soon: this is clearly a complicated world and readers who might like to know all the rules and players before the end of issue #2 won’t find that here — yet. But don’t worry, I have a feeling patient readers will be rewarded as Garley’s new series starts to really unfold.

Josh Sherwell once again provides the art, and does a beautiful job, taking Garley’s love of gaming and really running with it — yes, there are health bars! Sherwell has an eye for panel work, and pacing — and only a few awkward moments of stiffness.

Kill Screen #2 is a real treat, and offers a promising premise. Go grab this thing today.

  • + Strong Sophomore Image
  • +Solid Art

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