Graveyard Shift #3

Graveyard Shift #3 Review

Graveyard Shift #3

Will Liam and Hope come any closer to easing her affliction? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Liam and Hope get a crash course in Vampire 101.

GraveyardShift_3_Page4The first half of Graveyard Shift has left me rather torn, as though it has a fantastic plot, with some exciting moments, it’s limited series format has caused certain developments to escalate a little too quickly. Thankfully that isn’t the case in this penultimate issue, with the creative team taking the time to look into Hope’s vampire affliction, and how Liam plans on saving his un-dead wife from her masters control.

Giving our main characters a crash course in how to live as a vampire, writer Jay Faerber does a fabulous job of setting up the series finale. The way that he manages to twist our perspective on recent events is truly amazing, with the further developments within Hope’s feeding shedding more light on her situation. He also generates a dramatic vibe to proceedings, as though there isn’t a huge lot in the way of tension, the character building and interaction allows for some in-depth moments.

The artwork on Graveyard Shift has probably been the main selling point for me, as though the plot has proven intriguing enough, it’s paled in comparison to Fran Bueno‘s art. Delivering a sleek look into this vampiric world, the artist certainly contributes a chilling tone to this tale. He also manages to counter that, by conveying the emotional struggle within Hope, with there being some striking moments shared between her and Liam. His bold colour palette also resonates great depth, with the texture mixing wonderfully with the solid colours.

Graveyard Shift continues to impress as it enters it’s penultimate issue, as though it’s not likely to be in contention for best mini-series of the year, there are some intriguing elements. The use of vampires, and the emotional struggle of Hope also adds great depth to this tale, and along with the stunning art, it’s easy to recommend this series.

  • + Wonderful character depth.
  • + Striking artwork from Fran Bueno.
  • + Wonderful set-up work.
  • - Lacks excitement and tension.

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