The Goon: Occasion of Revenge #2 Review

Will the Goon manage to get help in his war against the Witch Gang? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

It’s full-blown war between the Goon’s Family and the Witch Gang, while the Goon becomes entangled with a woman who is more than willing to fight by his side. Meanwhile, Willy Nagel’s own personal story of revenge is played out, revealing his past secrets.

Goon Occasion of Revenge #2 previewThe Goon: Occasion of Revenge got off to a very strong start, having a very symbolic vibe, whilst moving the Goon’s grand tale forward into it’s next grand development. Continuing from there we see the Goon attempt to get help from Don Rigatti, as well as Fred continue to haunt Sally over the selfish actions that drove him to his suicide.

Eric Powell has proven himself to be one of the best writer/artists in the industry, with Goon being his crowning achievement. Living up to this grand legacy, Powell continues to build upon his latest tale, preparing Goon for war. In doing so he does however drain some of the fun and energy that has made the Goon such a wonderful series, with the end result feeling somewhat transitional. To counter that Powell gives us some intriguing back tales, with both Longfingers and Zombie Priest sharing a piece of the spotlight.

Though Powell’s script lacks in comparison to his usual work, his art certainly doesn’t being as phenomenal as ever. Powell’s detailed pencils, and striking inks allow even the less energetic tale come alive. He also gives a lot of punch through his stunning layouts, with his unique style giving an imposing feel to the issues. The area in which Powell excels the most however is in facial expressions, with the characteristics of Goon and Franky being as joyous as ever. Capping things off we also get wonderful colours, with Powell’s washed out palette giving a captivating tone.

The Goon: Occasion of Revenge may have taken some time to set-up future events, but side stories, and Powell’s art more than makes up for the lack of energy. Highly recommended.

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