Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #18 Review

Rulers of Earth is back! After a rather average previous issue, how does this one fare? Let’s take a look!

The official description from IDW:

The ultimate invasion has begun! Battra and Kumonga begin a ferocious battle that could destroy Monster Islands completely. Meanwhile, Godzilla has his hands full with a new monster he has yet to battle!

GODZILLA_ROE_18_cvrSUBOne of the greatest things about the Godzilla film series is that each monster is given a defined role and purpose. So in the comics when a kaiju appears without reason and is quickly dispatched, it can a bit jarring. Last time the giant lobster known as Ebirah literally appeared out of nowhere, and his role here is basically filler. However, that’s not to say this comic suffers from the same problems as the previous one. Megaguirus also appears without much purpose at first. By the end however she has somewhat a role. This issue is a lot of fun, even though not much of the story is progressed.

Much of the issue is focused first on the battle between Godzilla and Ebirah, and then G vs. Megaguirus. In-between these bouts we have Lucy and the team trying to escape the carnage. Some of the dialogue is kinda awkward in the beginning, but Chris Mowry picks up later when Lucy starts to reveal the names of the new monsters. The fight between Godzilla and Ebirah is a lot of fun and there won’t be a single reader who won’t get a good chuckle when he slams the lobster to the ground. The bigger battle of the issue, G vs. Megaguirus, is immensely satisfying. Mowry makes excellent use of her famous stinger attack. A problem however is that the description promises a fight between Kumonga and Battra…but that doesn’t happen, the monsters are nowhere to be seen. (Even worst is that the way it’s presented in the description makes it seem like it would be a focal point.)

Matt Frank delivers another fantastic issue art-wise. There are some amazingly-done panels, such as the aforementioned lobster slam. Megaguirus is drawn appropriately demonic. I hope she’ll continue to be a major player in the series. As for the humans, they don’t look bad, no complaints. The main cover by Frank depicts a nice shot of Battra reigning down his beams on Mothra and her island. It’s a good piece, but that doesn’t happen in the issue. The subscription variant by Jeff Zornow is once again stellar work from the artist, depicting Godzilla and Megaguirus going at it. This should have been the main cover.

Overall, a very fun issue. There’s little plot progression, but the fights are so good you almost forget about that. Sadly, a major part pf the description doesn’t happen within. Nonetheless, this was a very entertaining read.

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