Ghosted #17

Ghosted #17 Review

Ghosted #17

What will Jackson do in the wake of Markus’ mass genocide? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

In a newly created ghost town, a portal to the afterlife has emerged—setting the stage for the greatest heist of Jackson’s career.

Ghosted17_Page2Death hangs in the air, and following the mass genocide that Markus created during the events of the last issue, Ghosted only continues to get more heated. Having learned of Markus’ diabolical scheme, and some of the ramifications behind it, Jackson is set on a new, yet familiar path, as his team set out to stop Markus in his track. This leads into some suspenseful developments, as though the start of the issue may feel a little mundane, the feeling at the end couldn’t be any different.

Joshua Williamson has created a fabulous tale in Ghosted, as though certain issues are naturally weaker than others, the general atmosphere, and thrilling plot always captivates. This remains true as we enter the second chapter of the fourth arc, as though as previously stated, it takes a little while for developments to settle, the intriguing sequences of the latter half is truly gripping. In addition to that, the tension between protagonist and antagonist continues to excite, with the tone being suspenseful as ever.

Following on from a guest artist like Juan Jose Ryp is no easy task, but one that Vladimir Krstić Laci manages to tackle brilliantly. Though the rougher style of Laci may be a little jarring at times, the gritty texture, and wonderful tone certainly makes up, suiting the tempo of this series perfectly. His dramatic layouts also add great depth, with each page having a very immersive feel. Rounding things off, we also once again get wonderful colours from Miroslav Mrva, with the shading and dark tones working wonderfully alongside Laci’s art.

Ghosted #17 delivers some fantastic developments, as though the initial sequences are a little mundane, the shift in pace proves thrilling, with the confrontation between Jackson and Markus being utterly gripping.

  • + Markus has a devious plan.
  • + Vladimir Krstić Laci's gritty art is the perfect match for Ghosted.
  • + The White Rooms return!
  • - A little mundane near the start.

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