Five Ghosts #15

Five Ghosts #15 Review

Five Ghosts #15

Will Fabian be able to control the vampire ghost? Or will Van Helsing have to put him down for good? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

“MONSTERS & MEN,” Part Three Fabian’s adventure in Eastern Europe takes a dark turn.

FiveGhosts15_Page1Since it’s return, Five Ghosts has reclaimed its place as one of the best series on the shelves, going from strength to strength. Introducing Van Helsing to the series’ mythos, as well as finally letting the vampire ghost loose, the latest arc has proved tantalisingly exciting, with Fabian’s quest to save Sebastian leading him into what quite possibly could be his most dangerous battle yet.

Frank Barbiere continues to deliver his best work on this series, as though he’s created some amazing series over the last couple of years, he always seems to leave his best for the tales of Fabian Gray. The freedom that he instils in artist, Chris Mooneyham, is also to be commended, as though there are a few series where this tends to feel lazy, Barbiere utilises it in a manner that only enhances his tale. The development within his narrative also proves exciting, with the plague doctor and his master proving all the more mysterious.

The artwork also continues to amaze, with the epic action, and thrilling layouts being utterly captivating. Mooneyham also manages to impress with the texture of his art, with his slightly rough pencils, and sharp inks allowing for a gritty tone. He also manages to build immense energy, as bar the action, the intense facial expressions also manage to stand out, adding depth and emotion. Lauren Affe also continues to shine with her fabulous colours, with the mixture of soft and dark colours allowing for a phenomenal finish.

Five Ghosts continues to be a must have comic, as after fifteen issues, the series only continues to get better. Having an intense script, and an even more explosive art, the latest entry is bound to amaze, setting the bar for fast paced thrill rides.

  • + Explosive art from Chris Mooneyham.
  • + Gripping developments in Frank Barbiere's script.
  • + The vampire ghost gets even more vicious.
  • + The plague doctor and his master become all the more mysterious.

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