Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers #5 Review


The Dreadnaught Tiger is finally going to their leader back but will it be a walk in the park or will it be way tougher than they ever thought possible? Read on to find out more.

The official description from Dynamite:

The crew of the Dreadnaught Tiger is within reach of their goal! But can they get to Captain Victory — either one of them — before they’re destroyed by the hostile environments they’re stuck in? Cosmic Armageddon is right around the corner!

CVATGR05-1-6566dCaptain Victory, or should I say Captain’s are being held up and the Galactic Rangers have been trying to get back their beloved leader for awhile with nothing but trouble but this issue they may actually achieve their goals but not without touble. There is a lot to talk about in this issue but I will only highlight a couple things because they are pretty crazy. We start with some pretty sweet psychic powers and a deal that have some larger effect later on. We get some flashback scenes that add to the characters. The biggest part is that the crew are in peril and they have to fight their way out of the terrifying environments that are coming forth. It is actually pretty intense but there is so much information that it takes a lot to read this issue. It is still pretty good.

Joe Casey does a great job as the writer but needs to spread the issue out a little more because this issue was full of information that reading it was tough to do.

Nathan Fox and  Conor Willumsen is a really fantastic group and work so well together. The way that the characters are drawn are very vibrant and exciting to look at. They, also, really do a fantastic job of creating a world and wonderful characters visually.

Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers is a fun comic but overloads you.

  • + Awesome colors and characters
  • + A fun look at different worlds
  • - It was a little boring
  • - It was filled with too much information

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