Bionic Woman: Season Four #3 Review

At only 2 issues in, Bionic Woman: Season Four #3 doesn’t have much to build on, yet the current issues haven’t established themselves as anything unique. This issue, however, finally starts to spread its wings and be a little bit more creative.

The official description from Dynamtie:

While her friends and colleagues continue their desperate search, Jaime Sommers discovers the strange secrets lurking behind the pleasant facade of North Eden! There are lives in the balance, and you know the Bionic Woman won’t stand for that…but how can she save the town’s innocent citizens when she isn’t entirely sure how to save herself? This issue dials up the action AND the mystery! Get ready for a reveal that not even Jaime herself will see coming!

BWSF03-Cov-ChenOne of the things most striking about this issue is its sense of pace. Bionic Woman #3 doesn’t give the impression of moving quite fast – infact, I remember thinking it was quite slow – but it nonetheless makes substantial progress by the issues close. It’s subtle, but the general pacing seems to be nailed down, as this issue knows when to go over something quickly and when to emphasise the right moments.

As far as the writing goes, I think Brandon Jerwa is still learning his way around, but he’s getting better at character. Jaime Sommers does feel more and more rounded, but her ensemble of support cast and villains often comes across as one-dimensional. I know this arc has a bad guy and he’s some sort of general, but his presence is so underwhelming I forget about him. Similarly, Steve Austin’s cameo and referencing is welcome, but it often takes the light away from Sommers. Still, it’s the end scenes that up the stakes here and, if introduced a little earlier, could of added the excitment this story needs.

Visually, there’s nothing wrong with David T. Cabrera’s pencils. His work is solid, but he’s not given much room to experiment – still, he keeps it within the dated setting. Similarly, Sandra Molina offers decent colors, but the overall effect is often dark and dull. Aside from some minor explosions, there isn’t much brightness or vibrancy to attract or captivate.

All in all, this is an improvement for the series, but it’s got a fair few more steps to go to truly make itself it’s own. Still, it’s showing progress, so its bearable for now.

  • + Better pacing
  • + Great cliffhanger
  • - Dull colors
  • - Still getting its bearings

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