Guardians of the Galaxy #19 Review

Is this really a mystery that needs to be solved? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:


>• Last we checked, Star-Lord, Thanos, and Nova were trapped in the Cancerverse…

• But Star-Lord and Thanos seem to be running around just fine.

• So what exactly happened to Richard Rider?

Guardians of the Galaxy 19_Preview PageIf there’s one lingering problem that’s been plaguing the latest iteration of the intergalactic motley crew it’s the cosmic conundrum left in the wake of the Thanos Imperative. Years have passed and just about everyone who fell during the time of the Fault has found a way to come back. But sadly there’s one human rocket not accounted for, but thanks to the latest event by the House of Ideas we have a creative team that’s decided to answer the mystery once and for all.

Brian Michael Bendis pens the outing and the series scribe continues to flesh out a solution that I honestly feel could have been resolved in one to two issues at most. But despite that narrative stretching we’re given some solid screen-time with Star-Lord, Richard Rider, Drax and of course Thanos himself. There’s humor and personality even as a forgotten group of nemeses descend on our trapped heroes and villain. It’s a maddening situation that gets crazier with each panel, and to the author’s credit there’s enough substance within to hold the attention of his audience.

Once again Ed McGuinness handles the visuals, as each character takes on their fondly remembered DnA costumes. We’re right in the thick of the Cancerverse as the talent builds up the weight of the narrative in a simplistic display. For some fanboys and fangirls the final renditions might not match what they want but it suits the text in my book. And when you add in the colors by Jason Keith a dark time for the universe gets some consistent light.

Guardians of the Galaxy #19 is a solid continuation that fixes some of its dialogue issues but still leaves me thinking that the answer to this could come quicker than it is. Recommended.

  • + Gives some insight.
  • + Offers engaging visuals.
  • + Seeing Richard Rider as Nova.
  • - Has some rather stiff bits of dialogue...

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