Grimm Fairy Tales presents Wonderland: Clash of Queens #4 Review

So is this a smartly written release with enough raw material to garner the attention of fanboys and fangirls? Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

The Trickster’s plan of turning all of the queens against each other in their search for the Ebony Blade is finally complete. The queens prepare for battle, gathering their armies as war looms on the horizon. A war that will change the landscape of Wonderland forever and crown a new, undisputed queen who will rule them all.

GFT Wonderland-Clash of Queens 4_Variant CoverAll the schemes and machinations involved in this well-plotted game start to come to collision in this outing, as each ruler goes after what they want. The creative team earns a lot of praise for what they accomplish here for two key reasons. First the sheer pressure builds with the momentum and secondly I honestly, at this point, have no idea how this arc is going to wrap up.

Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco work with scribe Troy Brownfield to make the beating of war drums a reality for the land of madness. Wonderland is about to see a sea of bloodshed unlike any its known before, and thankfully the author has the tenacity and know how to make it all possible without getting lost in unnecessary tangents. It’s a streamlined script that never falters in its intent as the Trickster continues to pull the strings of her expertly made and devious plan.

The illustrations done by Manuel Preitano are simple and to the point. They never over extend themselves as the artist keeps a simple and consistent vision that complements the smartly written text. It’s a simple feat but on the second page there’s several severed heads that caught my attention. The look on their faces offered a striking sense that set the stage for the rest of the visuals. Add in the colors by Daniel Morales and you have a comic book that’s a must buy.

Grimm Fairy Tales presents Wonderland: Clash of Queens #4 is a quality outing that absolutely deserves a spot on your pull-list. This issue easily comes highly recommended.

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