Grimm Fairy Tales presents Wonderland: Asylum #4 Review

Do we still need to care about this franchise extension? Or should fans ignore it? Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

It’s all been leading toward this. The Madder Hatter has led an epic assault against Violet Liddle… but little does Hatter know that Violet has a twisted trick up her sleeve. As the truth of the Asylum is revealed, Violet Liddle will face her final fate.

GFT Wonderland-Asylum 4_Variant CoverWhen it comes to the Grimm Fairy Tales titles there is one singular off shoot that has been consistently entertaining since it’s inception. And this penultimate issue continues that trend as the creative team yields a release that’s high caliber from beginning to end. To sum up: if you have to pick-up something beyond the main title buy this.

Raven Gregory works with scribe Pat Shand to craft the fourth entry in yet another mini-series dealing with the nightmarish realm of Wonderland and the harassed Liddle family. There’s a lot at play but the main thing going on is who’s going to don the hat of the Mad Hatter. It’s a complicated question with several players locked in for a confrontation, as the Void makes his play for the destiny of his world and the affection he yearns for. There’s a certainly some terrifying moments, as the asylum gains new tenants while one  character questions their ultimate role. So heed my warning: beware the visions within.

The illustrations by Elmer Cantada are solid enough to carry the festivities to completion but there are some inescapable hiccups along the way. The talent captures the visual chaos and the expansive cast but I found a few of the renditions to be inconsistent with their final implementation. However the colors done by Francesca Zambon save it all, as the comic pops with a vibrant display that makes the whole thing not just digestible but on a certain level worthwhile.

Grimm Fairy Tales presents Wonderland: Asylum #4 may not be the prettiest outing but the  text and key events  make this a must own. It’s imperfect but it’s also a comic that comes recommended.

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