Grimm Fairy Tales presents Cinderella: Age of Darkness #2 Review

In the middle of Realm War is this a story that needs to be told? Read on to find out.

The official description form Zenescope:

After botching her latest mission, Cinderella finds herself tasked with killing Hades on her own. Everyone seems confident of her failure and ultimate death. Meanwhile, Hades seeks revenge on the Dark Horde members responsible for killing his brothers and his girlfriend, Liesel Van Helsing. Whoever, achieves their goal will change the fate of the Dark Horde!

GFT Cinderella-Age of Darkness 2_Variant CoverMaybe it’s just me but I’ve been wanting a title focusing on this character for awhile now and let me just say that the creative team does not disappoint. What we have is a by the numbers release that knows its own limitations and simply survives through them, while paying close attention to our primary’s wants, needs and desires.

Joe Brusha works with script writer Pat Shand to realize a text that suits Cindy through and through. She’s out on the hunt to kill a god that lost his family and girlfriend, so to speak. And in the midst of the chaotic machinations of the Dark Queen the words flow toward a predictable but deeper meaning in the life of our familiar lackey. It’s clear that, at this time, she has a choice to make and my gut tells me that it could have a lasting impact within an already sweeping event.

Let’s be honest this is not your typical interpretation of Cinderella, so the illustrations have to match the sorority girl blood-lust that has made this version memorable. And for the most part Ryan Best does just that, but there were a few instances where some of the panels needed more attention. The lack of detail here and there detracted from the experience but the colors by Thiago Dal Bello softened those blows.

Grimm Fairy Tales presents Cinderella: Age of Darkness #2 is a sturdy entry that knows what it wants to share with its audience. It’s by no means highbrow entertainment but it is fun and at the end of the day isn’t that what we want? Recommended.

  • + Fun to read.
  • + Sturdy visuals.
  • + Easy to follow plot.
  • - It's all very predictable...

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