Grimm Fairy Tales #98 Review

This shared universe is shifting, but can humans handle the storm? Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

Highborns and Falsebloods have been exposed! For years, the dark forces that threaten humanity have operated in the shadow of darkness. However, now that the Dark Horde is taking charge, the time of secrecy has gone. As humanity becomes aware of the great war brewing, we follow one family as they prepare for the Age of Darkness.

Grimm Fairy Tales 98_Variant CoverGone are the days of hiding in plain sight. The creative team gives us an interesting, if a bit predictable, sequence of events that manage to be fascinating on their own. But I can’t help it as I wish there would have been more focus on Sela, especially as she faces this growing international dilemma.

Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco work with scribe Pat Shand to deliver one of the most unique issues in recent memory. It’s true that the narrative continues to spin and work with the leftovers from the previous outings but at a certain point the story shifts into a different perspective. The author uses a street level view with a family that’s flawed in order to illustrate how the average human sees the mystical creatures in front of them. In short: get ready for a odd but engaging ride.

With illustrations by Sergio Osuna the book is graced with a simple but consistent vision. It’s cartoon oriented but hits the right notes, as the literature calls for some painful interactions. The addition of family drama forces the talent to enter some slightly unfamiliar territory with a fresh set of characters, while building toward a climax. Add in the colors done by Maxflan Araujo and this is a solid display. To sum up: these are the visuals that the text needed from beginning to end.

Grimm Fairy Tales #98 is another slab of otherworldly pavement lining the narrative road leading towards an Age of Darkness. Despite the different focus for the main plot this managed to turn into a welcoming breath of fresh air. It easily comes recommended from me.

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