Grimm Fairy Tales #103 Review

Is GFT still worth a monthly purchase? Or is it time for the franchise to end? Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:

Snow White & Rose Red Revisited

Belinda once served the Dark Horde, the most powerful of evil in all of the realms. When she learned the Horde’s involvement in her son’s disappearance, she became an ally to Sela. But can Belinda be trusted to shape the minds of young highborns at Arcane Acre… or will she use her position of power for evil once again?

GFT 103_Variant CoverThere’s plenty of meaty material in a world that’s awakened from a global nightmare, especially as a new generation of potential Realm Knights seem to be standing on the verge of destiny. But the creative team is quick to remind us that such evolution may not be a good thing. And for one player in particular it might lead them toward some familiar madness full of consequences.

Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco work with script writer Pat Shand to create an issue of Grimm Fairy Tales that deserves to turn some heads. With the mammoth Realm War going down as I type and the current arc of this lasting monthly jumping into the future it’d be rather easy to be slightly confused. But the author knows that within that context there’s room for a jump on point, especially as he fills in narrative gaps without spoiling the ongoing event.

The visuals handed in by Przemyslaw Klosin blew me away. Each character, from the faculty to their students, is afforded a level of detail few talents can muster. I caught myself stuck on every page, trapped in an inviting layer of illustration that carried sturdy renditions with a kinetic spirit and emotion to boot. When the colors by Ivan Nunes got added to the mix, the entire comic came to life.

Grimm Fairy Tales #103 focuses on answering a simple question: why does Ilys go by Skye now? And through that intent we get character development in a text that ebbs and flows with a clear purpose while this offering comes recommended.

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