Green Hornet #10 Review

Will the Green Hornet finally catch the Face? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

The dragnet is closing around the Green Hornet–in no small part because crusading radio journalist Britt Reid is leading the hunt! But–isn’t Britt Reid the Hornet…?

Green Hornet #10 variantGreen Hornet has been building up to this point for quite some time and I for one am glad to finally see the Green Hornet and the Face square off. In saying that the actual encounter between these two masked foes was a little disappointing, as despite most of it being exhilarating and exciting it was rather brief and could have been better executed.

Mark Waid does however give us a script that is for the most part brilliant. The writer moves on from the emotionally driven last issue, giving us a issue with more punch. He also manages to slip in the odd bit of humour whilst also giving us the kind of intense interactions that make Green Hornet the powerful character he is. Despite all this the issue is far from perfect, as during the Face’s radio broadcast the dialogue was slightly hard to follow, with the constant switch between the two hindering the flow of the issue.

Ronilson Freire never fails to impress, with his beautifully detailed art being the best thing about this series. This along with his impressive layouts make Green Hornet one of the most intense series that Dynamite are currently producing, with it also helping to keep the story at a steady pace. The artist also gives a lot of depth in the form of facial expressions, as when you have a character with a solid mask such as the Green Hornet has it takes a lot of skill to show his emotions and intentions. Despite being the main reason for this wonderful art Freire can’t take all the credit as Mácio Menyz once again produced magnificent colours that work perfectly alongside Freire’s pencils.

Green Hornet continues to be the dark action series that we all love, as despite being let down slightly by hard to follow dialogue it’s still an enjoyable read. Highly recommended.

  • + Mark Waid gives a gripping script.
  • + Beautiful artwork from Ronilson Freire.
  • +Green Hornet finds The Face.
  • - Dialogue didn't always flow smoothly.

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