GODZILLA: Rulers of Earth #19 Review

Rulers of Earth is back! Battra takes center stage and Godzilla continues his fight with Megaguirus when new foes appear…how does this installment fare? Let’s take a look.

Here’s the official description from IDW:

Battle comes to Earth like never before! Humanity struggles to withstand the outer space onslaught. What will be the fate of the inhabitants of Monster Islands once it comes under attack?

That might be the shortest description yet. While not totally inaccurate, it’s not exactly what I would call a good foretelling either. Humanity doesn’t struggle with anything and that final question doesn’t pertain to this issue. The review is starting to sound negative, but really this isn’t a bad comic at all. It does suffer from a few problems, mainly because it has a lot of exposition, and while the flashback to when Battra destroyed Mothra and Infant Island was very well done, how exactly does it pertain to the overall plot? We’ll find out soon, I presume!

GODZILLA_ROE_19_cvrMuch of the issue is focused on the Shobijin telling Steven Woods about Battra’s attack on Infant Island. Chris Mowry handles this wonderfully. Despite the fact that Mothra will technically always be back (as long as the Larva is around) it’s still sad to watch her go up in flames. (And this time it’s even more dramatic since the while island is burned down.) The final part of the story is focused on Godzilla escaping Megaguirus’s trap and them fighting before something else arrives. All in all it’s solid, though the story itself is a bit of a mess. How the evil twins factor in with the Trilopods remain to be seen. (Unless of course these are two completely different plot elements, hopefully this will be cleared up in the next issue.)

Matt Frank delivers some impressive visuals. Battra looks extremely menacing in contrast to the meek looking Mothra. It’s always fantastic when an artist can implement facial emotions in the kaiju, and he does that here with the Larva. Megaguirus is also drawn to perfection. The main cover by Frank showcases Godzilla trying to fight his fight out from an army of Trilopods. Cool piece, but perhaps it should have been saved for the next issue since it spoils the new creatures’ appearance inside. The RI by Jeff Zornow depicts an engaging scene. Fans of the 1992 film will especially like it.

Overall, a solid issue. Battra’s attack on Infant Island was an engaging read, which is of course thanks to Mowry’s handling of the Shobijin. The story is a bit of a mess since there a quite a couple of things happening at once. Hopefully in the next issue things get straightened out so we have a single, known conflict to be engaged in.

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