GODZILLA: Rulers of Earth #14 Review

Rulers of Earth is finally back! Does the “Mechagodzilla arc” continue to be quite the engaging read? Issue 14 is a lot of fun, especially for longtime fans. Seriously, if you call yourself a Godzilla fan and aren’t reading this series, what are you doing?

Here’s the official description from IDW:

As our world recovers following Godzilla’s climactic battle against the Devonians, a threat unlike any before takes aim at not only our world, but the monsters themselves! One of the biggest chapters in the series starts right here!

The previous issue had the honor of introducing the original and arguably the greatest Mechagodzilla. Kiryu has been used so much to this point that it’s great to see the more retro-looking robot in action. This one continues the fight between MechaG and Anguirus, a great homage to their fight in the classic 1974 film. (Arguably, this fight is even better!) Godzilla also returns, and the final page is one of the most suspenseful yet. While not perfect, it pretty much has all the stuff you want to see in a Godzilla story.


Chris Mowry continues the story nicely, further developing the antagonist’s plans for Mechagodzilla. Lucy has become a very engaging character. Woods has always been very good, but she has surpassed him with this issue. Woods isn’t terrible in this comic, but even after 15 issues his dialogue still feels out-of-character. The opening act is dedicated to the fight between Anguirus and Mechgodzilla, and it’s hard to ask for something better. Anguirus is clearly outmatched, as was he in the film, but here he gets some great hits in, making it a more engaging fight than in the movie itself! Godzilla has a fantastic entrance, but sadly his role is pretty generic. He attacks the city for no real reason, unless it was to get revenge on the army sending a nuke on him. If so, it’s passable.

Matt Frank’s art is of course very good. The Anguirus/Mechagodzilla fight looks utterly fantastic. The main highlight however is Godzilla’s entrance into the city. It’s such an amazing page; it should go down as a classic. The main cover is pretty standard, but great for Anguirus fans. The RI by Jeff Zornow is the clear winner however, sporting the intense battle scene between Anguirus and MechaG.

Overall, another very good read. The opening battle is fantastic and worth the price of admission alone. Lucy has become the¬†best¬†human character of the series. Mechagodzilla does not disappoint, he has been very well worth the hype. Godzilla’s role is attacking the city, which is disappointing since it’s happened so much already in the past Ongoings. Still, one cannot deny the awesome final page and how horrible the wait is going to be until the next issue.

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