Giant-Size Spider-Man #1 Review

Should any fans bother to pick this up? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• Young Peter Parker is the high school bullies’ favorite target. But all that changes the day a science experiment goes wrong, and Peter begins to transform!

• When a personal tragedy teaches Peter a harsh lesson in responsibility, he must find the inner strength to become a hero!

• Can the brand-new Spider-Man master his new powers in time to take on the villainous Vulture?

• When a giant robot spider attacks New York, Spider-Man must prove his innocence by tracking down the scientist responsible: the diabolical Dr. Octopus!

• When the sinister Sandman assaults Midtown High, it’s up to Peter to stop him — even if must risk revealing his secret identity!

• Four titanic tales set in Spider-Man’s past!

Giant-Size Spider-Man 1_Preview PageMany fanboys and fangirls are already familiar with the origins of our iconic web-slinger, but the House of Ideas seems to enjoy revisiting old material. The creative team turns in a lukewarm effort that honestly doesn’t feel all that memorable.

We have four stories written by Joe Caramagna and from the first page to the final panel the scribe seems to have a decent grasp on our hero and his immediate supporting cast. But there was more than one occasion where overly wordy narration brought the piece to a crawl. The characterizations of the Vulture, Doctor Octopus and Sandman are accounted for but they came off as corny in a script that never really established why followers should bother paying attention to it. The bulk of the tales felt familiar enough to get me invested but they never exceeded their own narrative boundaries.

If there’s a reason to purchase this release it’s the wide variety of visual talent. We have Scott Koblish, Giancarlo Caracuzzo, Francesca Ciregia, Elena Casagrande and Tim Seeley all lending their skill to a well formed set of panels. The skill level ranges from highly defined to somewhat capable but the whole of the package offers a pleasing display that despite the text might impress. I especially found that the art improved as the comic went along with memorable panels right near the end.

Giant-Size Spider-Man #1 is an entry that doesn’t need to be bought by devoted followers. It’s not terrible but rather mediocre and ultimately forgettable as it needlessly fails to earn a recommendation from me.

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