Ghost #6 Review

Rejoice! The one week wait is over. But should you really care what happens next to our primaries? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Von Ghastly’s not just a corny TV host—he’s an obsessive cult leader with a brainwashed fan club of obedient minions. What’s worse, he’s tapped into a power that allows him to physically touch Ghost! Will she be able to cancel his program before he takes her permanently off the air?

Ghost 6_Preview PageOur heroine has had a rather terrible time lately, and as we continue to trek through this volume we see that fact plainly. She lived, loved and died but came back as something more than she was. But it’s through that we see a protagonist who grapples with the conundrums born from what she has become while attempting to salvage her humanity.

Chris Sebela pens the script and I have to say the author spins a compelling yarn. He sets Ghost in a situation that she’s just not prepared for, as Von Ghastly demonstrates his power base. Through the dialogue we see a wonderful set of genre tropes on display, but it’s the last few pages that really prove why this narrative should be held high by fanboys and fangirls. We have a main character that’s searching for answers while balancing out what she was before.

The illustrations crafted by Jan Duursema are clearly detailed and absolutely vibrant. The talent delivers panels that jump right off the page when the text calls for it. But beyond the pencil strokes we’re given another layer by Dan Jackson, as expert colors are placed throughout this romp without cheapening events therein. Considering all the parts at play this franchise, once again, enjoys yet another issue with a truly potent vision.

Ghost #6 continues to build its arc while taking the time to focus in on Elisa Cameron. And its through that human need to understand the decisions we make that we find a release that happens to rise above the rest of the crop. In short: it easily earns the right to be highly recommended.

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