Ghost #10 Review

Is there really any worth left for within this franchise? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:


Ghost’s war on crime in Chicago is attracting the interests of the city’s powerful—and her friends may pay the price. A gruesome new villain is revealed, who offers to help the movers and shakers rid themselves of “the lady in white” and let them return to crime as usual!

Ghost 10_Preview PageWhy can’t all the comics I cover for Unleash The Fanboy be this good? The creative team continues to impress by taking their supernatural crime fighter to the streets, and her gang war is instantly intriguing in ways few books can muster. In short: this is a purchase that deserves to materialize on your pull-list.

Chris Sebela pens the script and if there’s one thing that can absolutely be taken for granted at this point, it’s the fact that the author knows how to deliver dialogue. Each page drips with personality, as Elisa separates herself from her allies while embracing the role of a pseudo Punisher. We see dissent from her friends while our Ghost finds her new role in Chicago to be rather fitting, even as moral questions get sent her way. It’s hard not to agree with her motives, but at the same time we have to ask who’s worse us or the demons?

The soft illustrations handed in by Harvey Tolibao fit the context of the narrative without missing a beat. Each player is rendered consistently and in a way that invites praise from even the most discerning eye. There were however a few panels that seemed a tad bit underdeveloped, but when compared to the greater scheme of things these hiccups did little to hinder the experience. And when the colors by Dan Jackson enter the mix the whole of the book earns a worthwhile look.

Ghost #10 is not the best the franchise has to offer but it is yet another quality outing that knows the strengths of its own rules and world. And for that reason this one earns a recommendation.

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