Flash Gordon #5 Review

With this comic book growing and changing, is it still worth a purchase? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

BRAND NEW ARC! SAME CREATIVE DREAM TEAM!!!! JEFF PARKER (Batman ’66, Aquaman), EVAN “DOC” SHANER (Adventures Of Superman) & JORDIE BELLAIRE (Moon Knight) take Flash to Sky City, as The Man From Earth battles against the Hawkmen under rule of Ming The Merciless! How’s one man supposed to save a galaxy? Simple…punch stuff and keep smiling!

Flash Gordon 5_Variant CoverThere are few properties that on a monthly basis excite me in a way that instantly sends me back to my youth. My first exposure to this franchise instantly made me a fan as I explored its unique iterations. In regard to this one the creative team has crafted something downright memorable that displays the finest qualities of a space adventure. In other words: strap in and get ready for an engaging jaunt.

Jeff Parker once again delivers a thrilling script that captures the imagination while giving these classic archetypes some new narrative meat to chew on. Flash Gordon and his friends continue their epic but along the way they’ll cross paths with some noticeably odd additions to their creature roster. Through a consistent literary voice the scribe knows exactly where to push and pull our protagonists as they endeavor to not only keep Earth safe but potentially free other worlds from the grip of Mongo!

The first part of this release enjoys a tailored design with finishes by Richard Case. Each illustration embodies the legacy of Alex Raymond as this current version engages with a solid body of work which might just please even the most discerning fanboy or fangirl. As this arc yields a collection of panels that leave an impact, especially as the second half is handled by the seasoned team of Evan Shaner and Jordie Bellarie, I’m left with literally zero complaints.

Flash Gordon #5 is not the zenith the franchise has to offer, but it maintains the level of quality that this re-imagining has enjoyed thus far. It impresses from beginning to end as it comes recommended.

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