Flash Gordon #4 Review

Is this really a good representation of the legendary source material? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

JEFF PARKER (Batman ’66, Aquaman), EVAN SHANER (Adventures Of Superman) & JORDIE BELLAIRE (Moon Knight) bring the thrilling first Flash arc to a stunning conclusion! Can Flash Gordon harness the awesome antigravity ore in Prince Barin’s Arboria, and lead the masses against Ming The Merciless??????

Flash Gordon 4_Variant CoverEver since Kings Watch launched I’ve been hooked on this latest iteration of the iconic character. It’s been awhile since a re-interpretation held my attention this strongly, but this creative team continues to spin a yarn that captivates the imagination. There’s no doubt in my mind that even the most hardcore fan of the original works of Alex Raymond will no doubt find some semblance of joy in this version of the classic interstellar hero.

Jeff Parker once again delivers a script that honors the old lore while tweaking it in a way that never feels insulting but instead comes off rather fresh. Right from the beginning the author demonstrates his understanding of all the players by conveying dialogue that’s smart, spunky and always timely. It’s that steady but consistent hand which allows the latest escapades of Flash Gordon to stand tall as a worthwhile continuation and a modern marvel in its own right. To be frank my only complaint is that it comes to a close just before we get to experience the people of Sky World.

I could go on about the text but it’s the visuals handed in by Evan Shaner that further cement why this title should be on everyone’s pull-list. From the players to the backgrounds, every panel is given that right level of attention. It’s a balancing act which asks that the talent bares in mind what the script demands and the end result is a fitting display. The whole component compliments the written word so much so that when the colors done by Jordie Bellaire get added in I’m left with zero complaints.

Flash Gordon #4 maintains its own level of quality even in the final moments of its first arc. It carries a sense of adventure and wonderment that’s exceedingly rare in a modern age where most stories feel recycled. And that right there is what separates this from other works adorning racks at your local comic shop. To wrap this up: the latest release comes highly recommended.

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