Five Weapons #7 Review

Will Enrique manage to stop the fight between Riley and the Connie? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

The tables are turned on Enrique in a no-win contest at the school of Five Weapons. Tyler is now the smartest kid in school and he’s using Enrique as a pawn in his malicious plans, but Enrique learns an old secret that could tilt the rivalry in his favor.

five-weapons7-pg1Five Weapons is the kind of series that has you begging for more, as despite it not being the best series that Image currently produces, it’s mysterious plot makes it very gripping. Five Weapons also proves to be very diverse, with there being something that’ll please most people.

Jimmie Robinson continues to tell Enrique’s tale in an intriguing manor, following on from the cliffhanger perfectly. The way that he builds suspense is also outstanding, but it’s the way that he utilises this suspense that impresses me the most, with the outcome having a dramatic effect. Robinso also does an excellent job of giving more insight into this world, as well as showing us more of Enrique and Tyler’s past, adding more depth to their rivalry. The story is however not without it’s faults as despite being overall very enjoyable, there are points that feel slightly slow.

The thing that I enjoy the most about Five Weapons has to be it’s art, as Robinson proves to be just as talented an artist as he is a writer. His magnificent details and wonderful layouts make this a thoroughly enjoyable experience, with the overall tone and flow being very dynamic. Robinson also enhances the dramtic feel of his story, with the character expressions giving a lot of depth and realism. Combine all this with the superb colours of Paul Little and you get a vibrant looking story that compliments the story perfectly.

Five Weapons is a series that I personally can’t get enough off. It’s both exciting as well as sophisticated, and there should be something that’ll appeal to any fanboy. Highly recommended.

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