Fatale #23 Review

Is this still worth picking up? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

The strangest issue of FATALE yet, as Nicolas Lash finally learns the last of Josephine’s secrets, and the universe will never look the same. Don’t forget that every issue of FATALE contains extra art and articles not available anywhere but the single issues!

Fatale 23_Preview PageAfter all this I can’t imagine any dedicated fanboy or fangirl jumping ship. I have no doubt that the ending for this franchise will carry controversy but I believe that when all is said and done we’ll walk away with something memorable. It won’t be perfect but it will fit within the rules set before it.

There’s something about the scripts by Ed Brubaker that instantly, from the first syllable to the final sentence, carry an immutable weight with me. And this latest outing for this particular series showcases that fact without hesitation. The author has taken all of us into the single most in-depth exploration of the famed femme fatale¬†while still, after over twenty issues, managing to deliver even more layers for our protagonist. From carefully considered dialogue to a few interesting twists, we see Jo in a slightly new light while Nicolas Lash¬†comes face to face with the reality of the women he loves.

I think it goes without saying that the visuals within this release are among the best that Sean Phillips has ever offered. Each moment pulsates with intent, as the pages ebb and flow with the raw emotion that the written word calls for. That right there is what makes each pencil stroke remarkable, as the near endless talent displays exactly why any comic would be lucky to have him on their creative side. Add in the colors by Elizabeth Breitweiser and the entire look of the book seems solidified in a fine palette.

Fatale #23 is not the penultimate issue for an arc but rather the calm before the finale of a series. And because of that fact it certainly carries weight but never for a split second stumbles. This is a must own.

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