East of West #17 Review

Is there hope in the midst of these end times? Read on to find out.

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In which we see how the horror of war has effected each and every nation — and which nations will crumble and which will rise. The Apocalypse: Year Two rumbles on in EAST OF WEST #17.

East of West 17_Preview PageIt’s been an engaging journey for this property, as the creative team continues to peel away at this alternative history of the world. We see the pieces lining up as Death comes to a bit of a stalemate involving his family. So needless to say this was a comic that kept my attention and seventeen issues in this is still a worthwhile franchise to be sure.

Jonathan Hickman pens the text and once again the author knows how to continue his epic without missing a literary beat. In this outing we’re treated with a more insightful look into the dynamics of our primary cast, while Babylon continues his journey under the watchful eye of an A.I.. The strengths of the written word come from the dialogue itself. There’s plenty of wit and personality that echoes the finest corners of the industry, while embracing noticeable genre tropes. In short: this is a smartly conceived yarn that earns a spot on your pull-list.

Two years in and the apocalypse just has never looked this good! Nick Dragotta continues to lend his pencil strokes to these proceedings and what unfolds is an engaging feast for the eyes. A stylistic world is seamlessly brought to life while baring the weight of technology, western motifs and, of course, the end of days. The way the talent uses space for the visuals is the real strength here, so much so that when the colors by Frank Martin come into focus there’s no doubt in my head that this book gets the look it deserves.

East of West #17 may not be a groundbreaking entry that shifts the dynamics of the series, but it is another extension that maintains the journey therein nonetheless. It’s a quality outing that garners a recommendation from me.

  • + Engaging text.
  • + Fantastic visuals.
  • + Babylon journeys on.
  • - The pace had a slow start...

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