East of West #13 Review

Does the latest trek on this potent frontier prove to be a memorable one? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

BUSILLIS Our first good look inside the Lair. The Son of Death and Xiaolain makes his move. The beast roams free in EAST OF WEST #13.

East of West 13_Preview PageAlright now that is what I call an issue! This comic book series has been dealing with some heavy themes as of late and this outing is the result of its creative team and their patience. Through careful planning we see a solid confrontation rip right to the surface in a true blaze of glory. To put it simply: this is exactly the high caliber quality I’ve come to expect from a title that took history and religion then wrapped them up in a bold new narrative.

Jonathan Hickman has got to be one of the most proficient scribes working in this industry today.  He takes our three primary players and places them in a situation where they have to contend with rage and unknown problems at the same time. After the fateful shot Death is out for blood while Crow and Wolf contend with the immediate aftermath of our gunman’s decision. It’s an action script that reads briskly but the text is always there to carefully guide what feels like an honest to goodness modern Western.

The illustrations by Nick Dragotta are continually points of praise for this franchise. The talent knows exactly how to execute some complicated designs in a world that bridges the gap between what’s old and unknown. His pencil strokes never seem to tire, even during the heavy moments where a son faces loss while accepting the responsibility ahead of him. Add in the colors by Frank Martin and the entirety of this project easily becomes a prime example of the best visual work coming from Image.

East of West #13 is an awesome entry that got me more excited for the future of this franchise. A good amount happens and then there’s that cliffhanger which will surely please eager followers because this is a must own.

  • + Fantastic artwork!
  • + Powerful cliffhanger!
  • + Carries nice development.
  • + Death continues to seek his son.

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