East of West #15 Review

Is this a release that should be on your pull-list? Or is it time to give up on this franchise? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

“THE GREAT BEAST” The son of Xiaolain and Death faces the Horsemen and becomes everything that the Message foretold. Apocalypse: Year One concludes with EAST OF WEST #15.

East of West 15_Preview PageOh boy, I always look forward to cracking open new releases from this creative team. They’ve continually charted an engaging piece of fiction that occasionally got a little jumbled but never really lost its footing. And as we enter the latest romp the plot takes a turn that’s bound to get interesting as the next arc gets a solid set up.

Jonathan Hickman once again achieves another rousing script. In this alternate history, we’ve been witness to some disturbing twists and turns along this complicated narrative road. But the consistent spirit, championed by the author, has continually made a western that never tried to go beyond what it is. And that’s why it’s so good. In this outing the text focuses in on the Beast, and without spoiling what happened, there are some interesting developments that are bound to please dedicated fanboys and fangirls. If you’ve been following this series since its inception: get ready because a storm is coming.

The illustrations handed in by Nick Dragotta are just as striking as they’ve always been. I’ve covered this title since it launched and I have to say I’ve enjoyed the ride, but the visual component has spoiled me. Each pencil stroke hits the page with a level of precision that few talents can muster. And within that frame-work the colors by Frank Martin heighten an experience that’s already impressive to be sure. In other words: this entire comic book is covered in immaculately controlled images that simply suit the written word.

East of West #15 is another rousing extension in a saga that’s been entertaining and thought provoking. The sheer creativity and the steady quality allows this property to stand out from the rest of the crowd as this entry easily comes highly recommended.

  • + Quality visuals.
  • + Solid plot elements.
  • + Endlessly engaging script.
  • + The Beast leaves an impression.

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