Doctor Who #9 Review


Doctor Who #9, after two solo issues for the Doctor, introduces Clara. This brings the title up to date with the show, but is this change in the title’s favor?

The official description from IDW:

The TARDIS has recently been on the fritz, but now it has gone completely out of control. And the Doctor is nowhere to be found! Meanwhile, white holes have been forming throughout time and space, sucking in everything around them. What does the Hypothetical Gentleman have to do with it all? Find out in the four-part story “Sky Jacks”!

I have both good news and bad news for this issue. Firstly, the introduction of Clara is a little.. underwhelming. I know she’s a relatively new character, but she feels very vague here. Of course, readers should be aware of who she is already, but I was hoping for a little more from the Impossible Girl’s first comic outing. On the plus side, however, the issue goes to settings that the show’s budget couldn’t achieve, offering a unique experience and wacky adventure that I’m all in favor of. Geronimo!

As for the writing, I’ve already mentioned that it takes the comic into more unique settings. Andy Diggle and Eddie Robsun have started a story and setting with plenty of potential. It has similarities to other ‘pocket universes’ featured regularly in the show (its a bit of a trope) but they explore unique possibilities. Like I’ve already said, however, the writing so far for Clara is a little bland. This is poor when this issue focuses mostly on her. Some details are arbitrary but there’s room for growth.

As for the visuals, Andy Kuhn is given some freedom with the unique setting. This gives the Doctor Who #9 a distinctive attitude and appearance which is of great benefit. That said, Charlie Kirchoff’s colors, whilst impressive, are a little too flat. When exploring unique settings, I’d appreciate beautiful vistas of color and depth. The flat colors could do more with Kuhn’s designs and style.

All in all, this issue has plenty of promise. Sky Jacks looks to be a potentially amazing four-part story and I can’t wait for more.


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